About us

Cleaner air

through reduction of particle emissions when burning biofuel

About us

It is the purpose of PHX Innovation to research and develop technologies and methods for optimizing combustion and reducing emissions from the biofuel types wood, wood pellets, and wood chips through automatically controlled chimney draft and collection of soot particles in an electrostatic particle filter/precipitator.

PHX innovation is a subsidiary of exodraft www.exodraft.dk, which develops and markets chimney fan systems for fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and boilers as well as heat recovery systems for warm process air all over the world. The two companies work closely together.

Thus, PHX innovation has many years of experience to draw on and expands this experience through close collaboration with DTU (Denmark’s Technical University), Danish Technological Institute, Force Technology, exodraft, chimney sweeps, wood-burning stove manufacturers, and other interested parties in the industry.

PHX innovation ApS ∙ Industrivej 13 ∙ DK‐5550 Langeskov ∙ Tel. +45 44 22 06 11 ∙ infophx@phx‐innovation.dk

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